THE general election has created much racial tension with both sides of the divide bringing up racial sentiments. But the programmes spurred by youths like Kamilah Malaysia and SayaMauPicnic are great initiatives. Youths know better what Malaysians want, not Malays, not Chinese, not Indians. Just Malaysians.

The 1Malaysia slogan for years has not brought about this kind of momentum for unity nationwide. Yet, at a time when we are heading towards racial barriers, these unity programmes have started a process of healing.

In the past it would have been worrying when the cabinet was without Chinese representation but now, the people can readily accept the fact and trust that a Malay or Indian cabinet member will take care of the Chinese as well.

Let’s unite, move on and create a better Malaysia. We are all Malaysians.

Chew Hoong Ling
Petaling Jaya








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