1. Malaysia ranks world 20th most deaths by road accidents. source: http://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/malaysia-road-traffic-accidents . This is not something to be proud of.

2. In UK, when similar system is being implemented, there was 33% reduction in personal injury accidents at sites where cameras had been introduced, and a 40% reduction in accidents resulting in fatal or serious injuries.

In Sweden, the preliminary effect on fatal accidents is a reduction of 50% and on all injury accidents 25%

Source: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/road_safety/specialist/knowledge/speed/speed_limits/speed_enforcement.htm

3. Why do people complain when there is a fixed camera when they too will get caught by mobile speed cameras on highways, and we never know when there are traps. The police have a say in laying speed traps when and where they think suitable. Knowing where the fixed cameras are is an advantage to all of us.

4. Does AES burden the rakyat or is it our attitude on the road that will burden us with summonses?

I am writing this not because I am a slow driver. I’d be the first to admit I do speed, and although most road fatalities also give better chance for organ donation (I’m an organ donation activist), I still think AES could best help in reduction of road fatalities and reduce death rates as well as enhancing road safety.

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