I have previously blogged about The Secret and how law of attraction worked in my life to attract the people I want to meet and opportunities I wanted.

My friend who read the last blog, was curious how “I attracted to me free tickets of seminars I really really wanted to attend and learn.”

The answer was… The Secret. I may not be able to tell you step by step how to attract things in life, but I could share you my experience, particularly on how I attracted the tickets to Napoleon Hills Convention.

Yes, The Secret and Law of Attraction did worked in my life. Somehow, Napoleon Hills seems to be always shining my life. First, I read “Dare to Fail” by Billi Lim. I didn’t really like the title but a friend brought the book to a camp and I started reading the book at night and fell in love. In the book, Billi mentioned he read the book “Think and Grow Rich”, so obsessed by it that he even attended a “Think and Grow Rich” course.

I searched and searched for it. I also heard the book being banned in Malaysia, of what reasons I am not sure. Yet one day as I was having lunch at a coffee shop, something made me walked towards a small little bookstore just two doors away. I walked in, browsed for books and eyed upon THINK AND GROW RICH! I was only a student at that time.  I read the book and love the philosophy taught by Napoleon Hills. I became a great fan of Napoleon Hills.

Then, there was a Napoleon Hills International Convention advertised in the newspapers. The course fees were four figures and as a fresh graduate and just started working at that time, I could not afford that figure. I remember in one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and audiobooks, Robert warned against saying “I can’t afford it”. He said that instead of saying “I can’t afford it”, change it to “How can I afford it?”

I thought, why not put it to test. Almost everyday for 2 full weeks, I kept asking myself, “How can I go to Napoleon Hills Convention?” As I woke up in the morning, as I was having breakfast, as I drove, I kept thinking of that same question. It was already 2 days away from the convention and yet I have no idea how I can attend the convention I so wanted to. I told myself, there will be miracle and kept thinking how to go.

While I was driving, the phone rang. I put on a earphone and answered the call. A friend, Edward, called. He said, “There is an event this weekend and I have some free tickets. Would you like to attend Napoleon Hills International Convention?” My eyes almost popped out listening to his question, I answered with an immediate, “YES!! I was thinking about it all week! YES I want to attend!!”

A few years after the first convention, I was taking a course to be a certified Napoleon Hills trainer. The year when the convention was held at Kuching, Sarawak, I was serving as the youngest moderator at that convention. Till today, I still read a few paragraphs of Think and Grow Rich everyday. Every time I read it, different thoughts and experience come alive.

THANK YOU, Napoleon Hills for writing books that inspired hundred of millions of people and for sure billions of people who have yet to read.

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