A lot of us always think that the rich MUST help the poor generously and when we see that they don’t, we accuse them with all sorts – greedy businessmen, stingy rich men, he will surely be cursed soon…

Well, I understand, I had had such thoughts too. When I was poor or stuck at the middle income group, I always envy the rich and start saying they MUST help the poor, should be generous and must spare their money to the society. Such thought was because I thought life is fated and the rich is fated to be rich so that’s why they surely must do more charity. But I didn’t accept my “fate” though – of which I thought I must work all the time so money comes. I fought, I worked hard, I re-educated myself about money topics, attended a lot of seminars, read hundreds of books with an open mind to change my financial mindset and eventually saved a lot to invest in a few properties which now gave me comfortable rental incomes as well as gaining in appreciation of the properties values.

When we see a rich family member thinking we are safe whenever we need money, that very family member says no when you need some fish from him. I too understand them. They have worked so hard to fish and they too faced enough difficulties many many years to reach the rich level. They would like their family members to be rich too so they share their knowledge, books they read and seminars they attended. But family members who are stuck at the poor or middle income levels often think differently – they thought “Ah.. these rich fellas always say different things..”

IS TRUE, the rich and the middle income is only separated by what’s in between our ears – their mindset! So, seeing his family members unwilling to learn to change their mindsets and learn how to fish, how would the rich who strived so hard to reach the rich level (trust me, is never easy!), be willing to hand over the fish to another? The rich, especially those who worked their way up are often very generous with knowledge and will tell you how they got there, but call them stingy, they do not mind. They think if they too can make it, the people around them should be able to. They think that giving a handout will destroy rather than helping. They think each cent and dollar was from their blood and sweat and therefore their finance management tells them to keep and grow further, not giving out or lending them just like that.

I have also heard from the ultra rich that they have helped a few of their friends and family members to be millionaires, but in the end a few of them tuened their backs against him. Stories like these sadden me.

When I was semi retired, and had some money in hand from my many years of savings, I tried to find ways to invest for at least 10% annual returns. There were friends and family members getting loans from me. Thinking that the rich should help others so I gave them. I still live frugally, driving an old Iswara and dine at home or cheap restaurants. Indulgence in luxury restaurants was only available if I was with my mom, who can be considered rich. Sometimes, I thought I’d change the loans I gave them as gifts. But looking at those who borrowed from me dine better than me, drove better cars than me, not frugal in their spending, and even angrier was when they refuse to attend seminars I offered to fully pay for them (of which could change their financial mindset and management), I began to think if giving money is the right way.

After a few cases, and experiences from my mom who was previously a money lender, I began to stop giving out money. I recalled a few loans. Call me stingy but if you do not change your financial mindset, no one else will.

I always recommend people to attend the 3 full days of Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) seminar. The course is still affordable even with a VIP ticket and was my turning point in topica about money. I even offered my tickets to friends and forced a few to attend. Now they know why I forced them and they appreciate how it has changed them too.

Is very frustrating to ask one person if they want to attend and towards the last minute – just a few days before the seminar they turned down your offer. I have wasted a few VIP tickets also. Well, those who cannot make decisions are not good in their finance management too, is true.

So, either you change your financial mindset and understand why the rich are stingy – they are often the most hardworking and worked longer hours than most of his employees OR carry on your lifestyle and stop calling them stingy.

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