All of us know the impprtance of money yet part of our sub conscious tells us many opposites like
1. Don’t be greedy
2. Money is not everything
3. Other people need more – is okay to have just enough
4. If I make more money, other people will have not enough
5. Money is the root of all evil

Well, let’s think about it. The moment you are born, even when you are conceived, money starts flowing. My pregnant cousin told of her preparation and needed RM20,000 just to prepare for hospital charges.

From then on, milk powder, baby clothes, toiletries, baby toys, cradle, chairs, trolley, every other thing need money.

As you grow up – education – God knows how much! Medical bills can be a bomb even for basic medications. Health and well being all need money.

Even if you become a monk or a nun and renounce the world, you still need food and lodging – both at the expense of devotees or yourself – still MONEY.

So those who say money is not the most important thing, don’t be greedy, just have enough and that money is root of all evil – let me help you.

First, since everything is money, why must I be considered greedy when I only think of getting money for survival? If money is the root of all evil, think again. Actually, NOT having enough money IS the root of all evil.

Think about it, when petrol price increases, people who have not enough money to spend start to complain. People who have enough care less and focus on making MORE because they know the truth is complaining will never help but making more money can prepare the future.

Money Game


It was "raining money" time!

I had a money game session yesterday at Personal Growth Centre. Our teacher, Helen told us to write the amount of money we desired, what are we going to do with the money and how will we feel if we reach these goals. It is important to know how you will feel if you reach the goals. Begin with the end in mind – if you don’t even know how much you want or what you want to do with the money you have, how could the universe trust you with a pile of money?

The teacher puts a pile of money on the floor in the middle of the class and asked 2-3 people at a time at the pile to pick one at a time, pick as much as they want.

The first 2 people helping themselves with the pile, the rest watched and noted our feelings. At that very time, most of us felt inside “Hey, don’t finish taking all the money! Leave some for us!” The relationship – money is rare and if I take more than my fair share, it will not be enough to go around for the needy. Wrong! In fact, although the pile looks so thinly spread on the floor, after all of us took our share, there was plenty left. In the real world, yes is real. The world has ABUNDANCE and enough for everyone and more! It doesn’t matter if you are greedy and take more of your “fair share”, the world will still have more!

Trust me, you will never ever amass too much that there is not enough to go around. Let’s live in the world of abundance. Whenever any resources in the world is found lacking, human always find new resources to replace the old. When someone amasses a lot of wealth, in time he will also leave the world and the money behind.

If you allow yourself to live in a world of “lack”, you will suffer and always think is never enough even for you. Discard that belief and start thinking abundance!

One participant yesterday shared that if she wants or when she gets more money, she seems to need to work harder or do something to justify that amount of money. I wouldn’t ask you to sit and think abundance and money just drop from the sky but that thought of being afraid money comes because I need to work harder is actually stopping more money coming to you. Let’s think about it this way – the universe wants to pass you some money to do good. So when money reaches you, the universe trusts you to spend it wisely – for nurturing yourself, your family members and even for charity.

One participant was asked to take a piece of his banknote, smell it, love it and say “I love you” to it. He said, “money is very dirty, how can I do that?” There you go! If you think money is dirty, how would you even want more money? Your mind is just denying yourself of money and deter having “dirty” things in your life. I always interact with my money, talk to them, see the designs, smell them so I know well the smell and I respect them by arranging them well in my wallet all the time. In fact, I feel gratitude everyday of the money I have now and I made sure I spent them wisely.

Some of you who think others should have more may have a problem with your self dignity. In fact we had a participant who only think of others. The teacher asked us to help her. We told her “I love you, Siti” (not real name) and she had to repeat the same word to herself. The first time, she said “I love all of you too” She really puts others above self! But teacher said no, she had to follow and repeat the exact words. She cried. She took her time to finally say, I love you, Siti! And we repeated several times.

How many of you tell yourself you love yourself? How many of you really spend time for yourself and take care of yourself well? Try take a moment to say, “I love, xxx (your name)”. Repeat it aloud a few times!

Think of yourself as value and worthy of receiving. If you think, I’m not worthy of receiving so much or others need more than me, you are depriving your self values. YOU are worth MUCH MORE than you think you are!

Thanks to the Money Game session, I have identified what blocked me recently which stopped me from growing my wealth even further. Learning never stops with the amount of money that you have.

Since entering politics, I always do not like showing my wealth. Wealth when in politics always make others think of dirty money and money that politicians have are from corrupted source. Yet, my money never came from politics. Every single cent came from my hard work and sweat I blogged about. All money from the election funds was spent back to the PJ Utara community where I served. So why must I be afraid to show my wealth when it is blood and sweat! In fact now I blog about being rich because my success inspires and helps others to be successful as well!

I hope you will renew your relationship with yourself and money. I summarize:
1. Have a goal and feel how is it like to reach your goals. I suggest doing this everyday for a few minutes
2.Think ABUNDANCE. The world have enough and much more for everyone!
3. Paradigm shift – I dentify what’s blocking you having the amount you really desire and discard that belief to replace with a new supportive one
4. Interact and play with your money. Believe me is FUN, smells really good and is entertaining
5. Value yourself – you are worth millions and even billions, why would you deprieve yourself your self worth? Say I love you to yourself daily

Let’s start having a good relationship with money!

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