I saw my dream car yesterday at Paradigm Mall on display as Mercedes did its roadshow there. The Mercedes C200. My aunt and I sat in at the back passenger seat. The first remarks – so small! So I told my aunt, C-class is for you to drive yourself. It is more comfortable at the driver’s seat – and it was true, I tried. E-class and above is more for the owners to sit at the back passenger seat – the driver drives.

As most family does, most of my family members just passed by the cars, assuming it is expensive (and yes, of course it is) and just let days gone by. When I first conceptualize that dream car in my mind, it was RM239,000. Yesterday I saw the price was RM262,000. I asked myself “How can I afford this car?” I ask this question every time I see a Mercedes on the road. Nearer to myself I always have a Mercedes resemblance to remind me of my dream car.

My Mercedes

My Mercedes (Edition courtesy of Jonathan Fun)

Yes, my very 14-inch “Mercedes” logo on my abdomen after giving 60% of my liver to a stranger. The photo above was edited by Jonathan Fun. You may guess right, this was done during the passing away of Steve Jobs – see the resemblance? Gray, the word Jobs and year. I at first put “Mercedes Job” perhaps not thinking so highly of myself but Jonathan felt it is a Sacrificial Job.

Robert Kiyosaki wrote in his book that many people see something they could not buy or own, they just remark “I CAN’T afford it”. He suggests we should instead ask “How can I afford it?” This paradigm shift was also one most powerful one in my life.

It doesn’t stop at only financial but almost every aspects of life. When I was asked to be a candidate for the General Elections, I simply declined because I told myself “I CAN’T”. Little did I know I am also repeating the same old “I Can’t” instead of asking “How can I…?” In the family, I tried to be closer with my cousins as I thought we were not close. But as soon as I asked myself “How can we be closer?”, ideas popped up!

I was looking forward to a cross stitch project but in the past when I look at beautiful projects, I kept telling myself “I don’t have the time to finish or even to start one!” When I just shift and asked myself “How can I start and finish a cross stitch project?” – that already gave me motivation to buy the needed materials. It was already a year – but as long as I stitch even a row or two per week, I am definitely going to finish it. For now… is on the way.. more than one third done…


So start asking HOW instead of stopping your mind and just make assumptions. Our mind can do much more wonders than you think it can.

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