The word RICH made people think only of wealth. Yet, I have friends who mentioned on my Facebook – good friends, enough food and all necessities, what else are there to ask for? Yes, that is exact RICHness in life – being healthy, having enough of everything – clothes, shelter and survival; good friends and help at times of need.

In fact, it is the MIND that knows how to be grateful that will bring us RICHes in life – say, wealth! The cosmic habit force says that if you do not know how to appreciate the small things, how could I give you more?


This is my car – the first and the first. I bought it 10 years ago when my Dad forces me to buy a car. Too many people asked me to change it – my mom, my colleagues, mentors, friends, godfather. This good old Iswara at times cost me RM2,000 when it enters its ICU. Yet, it brings me from destination A to B safely. My mom attempted to GIVE me her car which I only need to continue the installment for her Honda City. I said no.

A car is a liability – expenses, petrol and maintenance. While I know the maintenance of this car cost me a bomb (a few bombs actually – repainting, overhaul, change of oil seal and new air cond), the repairs are still cheaper than other cars.

I love this car and everytime I drive it, is like driving a Mercedes because I have its logo right on my abdomen! I have no plan to change it until my passive income could buy my new car and I am building it now.

I shared before in an earlier blog. It doesn’t matter how people look at me or what people will say about me. It is their thoughts, their mouths which I have no control. My finance, my plan and my investments are things I can control.

Some even went to the extend of saying I eat abalones and invest these days – must be getting lots of money from the general elections, further labelling BN are all corrupt. Guys, if I don’t even care when people criticise my good old Iswara, do you think I will even care for these remarks? Go beyond history and is never difficult to check I ate abalones even before elections and I have 3 properties even before joining MCA. I don’t need MCA and BN to make money, aduh!

So well, can’t blame. We in Malaysia paint things as we like. Very early in my childhood, when I read the book “Kemahiran Berfikir”, I still remember a chapter of the book. It says, when we see a young boy driving a luxury car, first thought (as my friend puts it), “Bapa punya!” When a salesman walked into a bungalow and saw a man washing a luxury car, he asked “Tauke ada ka?” Of all you know, the luxury car was the boy’s hard earned property, and the one washing the car is the tauke. I learned this when I was just in primary school.

I once also see rich people and had many negative thoughts. Perhaps it was that bit of jealousy in us so we just cannot see other people as successful. I attended T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive and was taught that our money blueprint is determined by our very own thoughts. If we see rich people and then we pass negative remarks, we will never get rich because in our minds we think if we get rich, people will look at us negatively. Wow, how true! And he taught us to “bless rich people”. When we see luxury houses and luxury cars, say this, “God bless this house/car and bless the people in it” How powerful!

The moment that paradigm shift takes place, I find myself seeking riches with no fear. And while on the way making money, I now realised that it is not too difficult but it definitely requires much efforts, patience, discipline and mind setting.

While many people think rich people should give to the poor, rich people should do this and that, should be charitable, should pay all the time, many people do not realised that the rich also earned their every single cent the hard way and with much efforts. Some also suffered much defeats before reaching the levels where they are. Just like how you may feel pinched when you lost money, the same goes to the rich. We are all human.

As a child and having a rich mother, I always expect my mom to pay for everything from food, groceries to bills. Yet, my mom later taught me that, “If you see rich people, it is their business and their money. If you go out to dine with them, doesn’t matter if you need to pay or you can even offer to pay. Is okay. Is not like the richer person at the table needs to pay all the time.”

My mom at times rants that some of her friends really thought she is the richer one and she always has to pay. This experience made her stayed with the rich only because the group of rich friends take turns to pay unlike the other group who only expects her to pay all the time. To the other group, it will look as if my mom is stingy but the experience… gave me food for thought.

So, while many rich people do not care what the mediocre think, don’t expect the rich to always do this and that. I always think that if I cannot do charity in my own way, never ever say someone should do it. Because charity begins from home and change begins with me.

Being RICH begins with me and my MIND!

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