When I bought Dao Dao, a beagle, home, we planned a lot for her. Her diet, daily exercise, bath schedule and training. A good breed does need special attention.

My mother owns a racing horse. Its food, oil, daily exercise, stable and so much more, almost cost RM4,000 per month. More expensive than maintaining a homo sapiens. The horse could cost between RM30,000 to RM300,000 yet RM4,000 a month to maintain.

No one would feed a good breed some junk food, rest it on a couch and allow it in front of the TV or laptop for hours. No one would allow the good breed to sleep all day long without proper exercise and training.

How much does your body worth? How much does _____________ (fill in your name) worth? How much have we spent on ourselves, particularly our health?

All of us know these:

1. Health is wealth and very important, money can’t buy health and healthcare is getting more and more expensive.

2. Proper and balanced diet is essential for health, which includes servings of fruits and vegetables everyday.

3. Exercise is part of healthy routine, which should include exercise at least 3 days a week, 30 minutes each.

4. Drinking enough water daily and have enough sleep.

However, how many of us really take care of our own health and keep this great breed in proper condition? Often, we feed this breed (ourselves) with oily and unhealthy food, allow the breed to stay late at work, exhaust ourselves and often not enough rest and water.

Homo sapiens is a million, perhaps billion dollar breed. Just as we wouldn’t kill a good breed, let us all take care of our health! It all begins with the first step. Start!

Have healthy days ahead.

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