Take actions!

Take actions!

About 8 years ago, I was already equipped with a lot of knowledge in property investments and how to invest in properties for rental returns. I was having tea with a friend who just graduated and with his father’s support, started an internet cafe business. We were discussing ways to make money, a topic I favoured, although only a student about to graduate at that time.

I discussed with him about property investment. I took a piece of paper and wrote a lot of notes, wrote the numbers and calculation on how property investment could make money. My friend was amazed with what I knew and the more questions he asked, I could also handle them. And then, there came a few more questions I couldn’t answer.

Then he threw me a question which woke me up. “Why are you not DOING it?” 

“I don’t know…,” I lifted my shoulders a bit. Questions played in my mind too, “Not enough money? Ain’t Robert Kiyosaki said you do not need money to make money?”.. then, it occurred to me, really, I knew a lot but I did not START DOING what I knew. I studied many book about investment and property. My book cabinet was previously filled with self-help books by Napoleon Hills, John Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Clement Stone, Billi Lim and a huge pile of Buddhism books. Then property investment and business books by Robert Kiyosaki, Dolf de Roos, Azizi Ali, Milan Doshi, Peter Yee, Renesial Leong, Alan Woon and Ho Kai Soon took over the space.

I invested in seminars and courses, learning diligently until I find myself a serial seminar attendee. I realised I have not START ACTING all because I thought I was not ready. As soon as I started working, I made sure I managed my finances well and within a year, bought my first investment property. True enough, those questions which I could not answer with scores of studies, I can now answer them because I DID IT! I learned more through that first investment and the process, as compared to the 4 years of studies and attending seminars.

Life is hands-on! Start ACTION today!


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