I have started a new category in this blog called “Being RICH”. Many people associate rich with monetary and financial wealth. I beg to differ.

Being rich is in every aspects of life, spiritually, financially, rich in the mind, emotionally and socially. I am going to share how I grew my wealth from first “torturing” myself which made me a better person and how that “torture” added fortunes in terms of my current net worth.

Yes, I have heard voices that I got rich only after General Elections and coincidently, my net worth really increases after GE13, thanks to the property boom and the few super undervalued properties I bought few years ago. If memory serves me right, I bought the first 3 properties around 2008-2011. I will share my 2 property investments. The 3rd is still under construction so I will skip until I make money out of it.

Most people think that all BN = corrupt and that I made my money through corrupt practise. That’s the price to pay for being a BN candidate in the general elections. Yet I don’t blame people because I have seen enough party people who can only make their fortune through politics, projects and have no shame in holding the people’s money. I have no fear of such allegations and I challenged these people to bring proof to your words. I hold true to integrity as I cannot afford to lose it. It will be too expensive to pay for losing integrity.

Making money is fun and it is not difficult if we have the patience, willingness to learn, do our due diligence and ACT! Many people attend seminars after seminars yet do not make money simply because they equate knowledge = wealth. To me it is (knowledge + actions) = wealth.

Look out for the next blogs on how I make money!

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