The majority of people have a pessimistic mind. I am not sure why. In Malaysia, where our petrol is subsidized by government, no one appreciates the subsidy until the government removed some of it. When the Malays in Malaysia have special rights and status, people cried that it should be removed and yet when 20sen per litre subsidy was taken away, the same people cried the most. Asking other’s privileges to be removed yet when their own 20sen was removed, they cried too.

The same people are those who could afford a RM120,000 car (while ranting car taxes are high), can afford RM12 Starbucks once in a while or perhaps RM40/hour massage yet cry foul at maybe RM10 increase per petrol tank.

Today, I had my car filled a full tank and posted a Facebook status to thank taxpayers (I am also one but only a pool of taxpayers will make things happen, not just one proud taxpayer) and the government for the subsidy I get for this full tank of petrol. Many people look only around them and find their pockets burnt at RM10 increase in a tank of petrol but never realised how much it cost the same for the government to subsidise the same tank of petrol. And then there are people who will shout, hey I am also a taxpayer and yet never be thankful to other taxpayers as well. Malaysia Boleh!

Speaking about the Boleh-land, I would like to start writing what so Boleh we are in his country. We are rich in natural resources, plentiful of land and great for economic growth. While the people say Malaysia government *never* made good use of the vast land available and become incompetent as compared to a small island down south, our farmers average age is over 50. Not many young people want to work that “vast land” despite various benefits, subsidy and knowledge transfer the government readily provide. So while pointing fingers at the government again, these people think the “vast land” has magic potion to develop by themselves. Only the government is wrong! The government should do this this this and that but not me…

The government and the country will never grow without the people working for it, build it and preserve it. The government can only do so much but a 29 million population could contribute a lot. The same people blaming government for incompetence also compared ourselves with Vietnam. “Look at Vietnam! They will pass us very soon!” But do look at Vietnamese – they are hardworking, they build the country together, they are more united especially after war and they know it is only through unity and hard work that their country could catch up with their peers.

The comfort of Malaysia, our complacency will one day hit back at us. While we are more polarised than ever, more political than before and more racist after 56 years of independence, it is easier for our enemies to sneak in and break us.

History has proven, while the perang saudara was ongoing, one by one our Malay states fell in the hands of the British and we were conquered.

Many will also blamed politicians for all these that happen to our countries each day, I would like to ask, have we all ponder what can we do to make our situations better? Have we got more things that can be done rather than complain everyday, post our frustrations on social media and rant as if things will change when we get angry?

We are no more a child who will cry and cry when we don’t get the things we want. We are at 56th year of independence and growing more matured every year.

The government is pushing for the nation to be a developed nation by year 2020 and yet when certain blanket policies were being removed, we find many SMEs lose the competitive edge globally. Are we ready to be a developed nation?

Let us start our day by asking “What can I do today to make today better than yesterday?” If each of us try to make each day better than yesterday, Malaysia will heaven on Earth!

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