Early this year, my Dad says he sponsors me RM10,000 to buy a car and he will drive my existing car. His old junk will need to change. True enough, that junk carried a trade-in price of only RM600!

Friends who know me said “Is time lahh Hoong Ling!”

I never like buying a car and I have expected to drive my good old Iswara till it becomes a junk. The Proton Iswara was my first and only car. Another reason not to buy a car because is a liability. I plan on only buying assets till age 40 and let those assets and passive income pays my liabilities.

I wanted something versatile, useful, multi-purpose and can last long, something within RM60,000. First choice was a pickup and almost ended up buying a Mazda BT-50 (yes is higher than 60k) yet my Dad disagreed. I, too felt I may not be able to park the huge car well.

Then I thought of an MPV and a few models cane about but after some research, Proton Exora seems to fit the bill. Feedback and many reviews said the car beats Toyota Avanza and Nissan Grand Livina. To my surprise, there were many owners who praised the car and how it is worth the money spent.

I decided without even a test drive. I wanted to buy within 60k so I chose the Standard AT variant until Proton gave so much discounts, loyalty bonus, NCD and rebates that even the Executive CVT variant with turbo engine was within 60k. It seems the turbo CFE engine should be better to pull the heavy car, threfore more power and more fuel efficient.




I did not choose the Premium or Super Premium as I only wnat a car,not too much of the luxuries. I also prefer the fabric seats over leather offered by the two higher spec variants.

Some reviews
1. The car has fuel empty indicator when I collected it yesterday and the dealer gave a reminder to first refuel before going anywhere. I drove to the nearest petrol station about 1km away but the car stopped completely about 100m away from the petrol station! I was lucky to have 4 young men who stopped their two bikes to help me push the car to the station.

The empty tank quenched 55.6 litres of petrol. At RM2.05 per litre, it was RM114 for a full tank.

When I told the dealer, he called immediately and said will feedback to Proton as this has never happened before.

2. I like the smooth drive and handling so far. The space is really a bonus. I’m also impressed with the crash tests Exora passed. For Proton to build this car locally including the design, I’m very impressed with its progress. Partly also because I’m so patriotic and “Gunalah Barangan Buatan Malaysia”, I am willing to give it a try. Furthermore the car model is not new, went through a few generations and progress much since it was first launched.

3. I went on to get the car tinted first thing. Added car visor and arm rest too. The Premiums variants come with these luxuries.



The local accessories shop at Pandan Jaya Powertech Automart is a neighborhood shop, with decent charges, good quality products and they never try to upsell you. Yet they will suggest good add-ons for your car.

Car tint, visor, arm rest, a pair of car hook and anti-slip pad was RM800. There are actually free gifts by the dealer which include a few of these but I opted for cash rebates. I was also given a voucher for an option of RM400 discount for tinting or a free GPS. Yet I still prefer Powertech Automart. I should go collect the free GPS soon.



I only clock 56km so far. I was shocked when I hear the car engine still produce sound even after I shut the engine and locked the car. I was deaf on the left so I first thought it was another car with engine on nearby but to my surprise it was my car! After a google research, it is actually the Auto Cool function for the CFE engine and it runs the fan to cool the engine. Wow, quite cool.

5. My car comes with 3 years warranty with 4 years extension as part of Proton promotion so is 7 years in total. However, it must be serviced as scheduled at Proton service centres only and no modifications even altering of the wiring is not allowed.

6. The socket plug (cigarette lighter) wasn’t working after a day. I went to repair it – the fuse was replaced. Not Proton’s fault though. I was told not to rotate any plug once it is plugged in the socket. Well in my old Iswara, I did rotated some plugs too and the socket worked well for a long time.

Some improvements I wish to have in the Exora Executive CVT are
– a USB connecter to play mp3 songs but there is a Aux 3.5mm jack in which may be helpful. I’ve yet to try it. If I were to change a car entertainment system, which alters the wiring, warranty is void. Salesman says if the service centre I frequent is willing to help install a new audio system, they will still provide warranty.
– arm rest
– more sound insulation as the engine is quite noisy but not disturbing for now

Will write more as I test the car further. Thanks for reading.

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