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Yesterday, Facebook announced that users will be able to update their Timeline with an organ donor status. The move, Mark Zuckerberg, its founder, said will shed lights to 114,000 United States citizens waiting for live-saving organs.
If you have pledged to donate your organs after death and on Facebook, do update your status by going to your Timeline, click on “Life Event” and then “Health & Wellness.” You’ll see the option for “Organ Donor” and can add when and where you registered and your personal story. Asians may only get to update their status later.
For those who would like to pledge their organs and register as a pledger, Voice of Women Association Kuala Lumpur and Selangor also developed a Facebook application for Malaysians. You can pledge organ on Facebook via the page and click on the PLEDGE NOW button.
In Malaysia, we have 15,000 people awaiting organs and over 13,000 are kidney patients on dialysis program. Hundreds of people die every year due to lack of organs. With only less than 200,000 or less than 1% of Malaysian population pledged their organs, I feel the 15,000 waiting patients will see no light at the end of the tunnel.
Each person who donates all organs and tissues after death could save up to eight lives and enhance the lives of over 50 people. Let us give hope and shed lights to patients in the waiting list. Spread love and save lives, pledge your organs today!


如果你登记了在死亡后捐献器官,你可以在面子书上更新你的状态,到时间轴页面点击“生活事件”(Life Event),下拉菜单至“健康与保健”(Health and Wellness),然后你会看到“器官捐献者”的选项。你可以加上你什么时候和在哪里登记捐献器官,当然还可以分享你个人的故事。

至于那些想要报名成为捐献器官的人,雪隆女声也为马来西亚人推动了一个面子书申请。你可以在面子书上通过此链接,点击“现在登记”(PLEDGE NOW)的按钮,立即成为器官捐献者。



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