Dear Editor,
The recent news in The Star 12th March, 2012 “Ministry: Laws on organ transplant need to be drafted”, I am very concern with the development of organ donation and organ transplantation in Malaysia.
As a living liver donor myself, I have understood and privileged to experience the complications and after-effects of giving part of my liver to someone. The country has over 20,000 people waiting for organs with kidney patients top the list. Yet many die while waiting for organs due to insufficient organs from cadaveric donors.
The potential of cadaveric donors is very high, looking at the number of accidents reported daily. However, the plight of these patients often goes unheard due to our selfishness. When there is a lack of organs from cadaveric donors, living donors are sought for organs to be transplanted.
Therefore, the rise of organ trading, black market and human trafficking related to organs sale. This must put to a complete stop.
Malaysians, let us ACT! Let us put the plight of thousands of people in the waiting list be heard! Pledge to donate your organs after death at and talk to your family members about your decision. 
More to be done if all of us could just chip in every little effort. Bring the topic of organ pledge to “teh tarik” session, be an advocate, understand the cause through Internet and educate yourself, help at any organ pledge campaign and even better, organise one. Get someone to give a talk in your organisation, places of worship, office and even at home! I’d be glad to contribute in sharing my experience as part of my effort to promote organ donation.
For every organ recipient you save, do remember you are saving another life who could have been killed for their organs to be sold. Let us do it today. Pledge your organs at

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