‚ÄčThe bamboo charcoal storage bag was a failure. At first use, the handle on the left broke. I guess I put too much and the bag was too heavy. 

Since the bag broke, I bought a similar under bed bag from Ikea at RM35.90 which comfortably stored all the things I needed. The storage bag is also more solid with boards at the bottom and all four sides. 

The 20L water storage bag was good but a bit flimsy as it is a bag and not a solid tank. I bought a storage box from Ikea to store the water bag and the box will also serve as a water basin to collect water when washing – RM20 including cover. 

I also bought a small 18cm pot and 24cm frying pan, which costs me around RM40. A portable stove with some cooking utensils cost me about RM80. I got some utensils from home too to save cost. 

Total from last blog RM227.90 + RM175.90 spent = TOTAL as of now RM403.80. I am using my own sleeping bag and 2 rolls of blankets as pillow and bolster. I also use an insulated bag to store all spices, oil and some utensils. 

While I have planned for road trip this week, I will need to postpone the trip as I have an appointment with doctor. I hope next week’s traffic will be kind to me. 

More to come… 

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