A few days ago, I was asked by a reporter to comment on the possibility of the appointment of non-political Chinese individuals in the Cabinet, now that the MCA and Gerakan both declined government positions due to the dismay general elections results.

I replied, “I don’t think I can answer this question because I consider myself a Malaysian, a bangsa Malaysia and I don’t see the Cabinet as having Malays, Chinese and Indians!”

I further elaborated that it is ridiculous to think that the Chinese will not be represented in the BN government just because there is no Chinese in the cabinet. I also cite an example, let’s say if we have a Culture Minister – do we need a Chinese Culture Minister, Indian Culture Minister or a Malay/Kadazan Culture Minister just to uphold the culture of all ethnics in Malaysia? Although the minister may be a Malay in ethnicity, his duty is to uphold the Malaysian culture as well as the cultures of our diversed ethnicities!

The reporter asked again, “so do you agree with a Chinese non-political individual being appointed?”

I think she is confused but I reiterated that the question is not relevant to me anymore as I don’t see colours and ethnicities anymore.

Of course, my comments were not publsihed. 🙂

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