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I was driving one fine day and then the air from air-conditioning just stopped blowing. Sent the car to the service centre at Bercham industrial area (Ipoh) straight away and was told that the switch malfunction. The air-conditioning works only at Speed 4 but no response to Speed 1 to 3. However, I was told that they have no spare parts and the waiting period could be between a week to three weeks. 

I sent the car to Jalan Kuala Kangsar, a bigger service centre and got the switch changed immediately. While waiting for my turn took a while, the change and services were quick, friendly and very personalised. I particularly like the Service Manager there as I spoke to him on the phone earlier. It was his friendliness and eagerness to assist that drew me to that service centre, otherwise I’d not be there. 

As my car is still under warranty period, the change of switch was free. 

We also took a glance at the new Proton Ertiga. Somewhat shorter and smaller in size compared to Exora, less space and powered by a 1.4 EEV engine. We viewed the interior and exterior. We asked for the price and to our surprise, it is only cheaper than Exora by less than RM10,000. For RM60k+, I will still choose Exora for the bonus of space. 

Yes! I love the Exora for its comfort and space. My car was of great service to ferry 8 adults and 2 children around Klang Valley and to and from Melaka just last month. My grandma didn’t find it difficult to climb in and out the car, too.
The Exora is powered by a 1.6 Turbo engine and I felt that is quite sufficient but of course would love to have a 2.0 Turbo if available. For the Ertiga, at 1.4, I am unsure if it is under-powered for that matter. 

If Ertiga is priced at RM50k – RM55k range, perhaps is a good choice, considering some families opting for a cheaper 7-seater. At a price similar to Exora, Ertiga may need more convincing power to boost its sales. 


An extended family - with my grandma, mom, aunt, cousins and nephew

The seven-seater Exora has become a great road trip vehicle among my friends and family members.

Last week, I went for the third seevice session at 10,000km mileage. So far so good, no complaints.

I love the super quick cooling air-conditioning, huge space for all Ikea stuffs I buy, safety features I know it will bring me to destinations safely, the comfort and convenience for the whole family.

I still feel Proton Exora is my best investment so far. Loving it dailt


Yesterday I sent the car to the Proton service centre at 5,300+km mileage. No complaints so far.

Very satisfied with the car. Definitely worth the price. Friends and I were on a road trip to Penang. We had 5 adults and 2 children from KL to Penang. Only one seat was collapsed to fit all our luggage bags. We had supplies for 3 days 2 nights each.

At Penang, after checking in and all luggage bags stored in the rented apartment, all seats were available again. We had 7 adults with 2 children, seated comfortably. I had the opportunity to try the seats at row 2 and row 3. While the last row may be slightly cramped but it is more spacious than other MPVs I tried.

Earlier, my car was used to ferry people and stuffs for a youth camp at Gopeng. We had 5 people in the car, along with our luggage bags enough for 5 days 4 nights and more stuffs for the camp secretariat. All seated comfortably and space was enough to carry so much!

Very powerful and not a time I felt the car need anything more although it always seems to feel better if it is a 2.0 engine!

Love the Exora!


I drove the car to Penang and back to KL last week. Was supposed to send the car for first servicing at 1,000 km but it has clocked 1,400km by the time I am available to send it to the service centre.

My dad said that we shouldn’t drive over 100km/h for at least the first 1,000km so to protect the car engine and it will ensure the engine works longer. Not sure if it is true but driving 90km/h to 100km/h on the highway to Penang was quite a distance and can be boring.

On the way back to KL, half way through the journey, we reached 1,000km and boy, my mom stepped on the accelerator and sped away to reach KL faster.

Nearest to home is the Proton service centre at Pandan Jaya. Sent the car there at about 9.30am. The receptionist explained the first service and what will be covered. Owners get the first 3 servicing with free labour cost but must be utilised within a year. Next service will be at 5,000km mileage.

I told the mechanics of a list of things I found
1. Petrol smell in the car right after refueling
2. Smell of burnt rubber twice during our KL-Penang-KL journey
3. Squeaking sound under the driver accelerator part when going over bumps
4. Right side mirror does not adjust to the right angle enough. (This can’t be adjusted, the mechanic said)


The cost was RM152 and I got a free car wash too.

I find myself filling in feedback forms before collecting my car from the dealer and before I leave the service centre. This makes me feel that Proton is serious in maintaining good customer service throughout.

After servicing, I drove the car to Teluk Intan on Friday and back to KL on Saturday. The squeaking sound is no more to be heard and no smell of burnt rubber too. There is still some smell after refuelling the car though. Not sure how to rectify this.

Early this year, my Dad says he sponsors me RM10,000 to buy a car and he will drive my existing car. His old junk will need to change. True enough, that junk carried a trade-in price of only RM600!

Friends who know me said “Is time lahh Hoong Ling!”

I never like buying a car and I have expected to drive my good old Iswara till it becomes a junk. The Proton Iswara was my first and only car. Another reason not to buy a car because is a liability. I plan on only buying assets till age 40 and let those assets and passive income pays my liabilities.

I wanted something versatile, useful, multi-purpose and can last long, something within RM60,000. First choice was a pickup and almost ended up buying a Mazda BT-50 (yes is higher than 60k) yet my Dad disagreed. I, too felt I may not be able to park the huge car well.

Then I thought of an MPV and a few models cane about but after some research, Proton Exora seems to fit the bill. Feedback and many reviews said the car beats Toyota Avanza and Nissan Grand Livina. To my surprise, there were many owners who praised the car and how it is worth the money spent.

I decided without even a test drive. I wanted to buy within 60k so I chose the Standard AT variant until Proton gave so much discounts, loyalty bonus, NCD and rebates that even the Executive CVT variant with turbo engine was within 60k. It seems the turbo CFE engine should be better to pull the heavy car, threfore more power and more fuel efficient.




I did not choose the Premium or Super Premium as I only wnat a car,not too much of the luxuries. I also prefer the fabric seats over leather offered by the two higher spec variants.

Some reviews
1. The car has fuel empty indicator when I collected it yesterday and the dealer gave a reminder to first refuel before going anywhere. I drove to the nearest petrol station about 1km away but the car stopped completely about 100m away from the petrol station! I was lucky to have 4 young men who stopped their two bikes to help me push the car to the station.

The empty tank quenched 55.6 litres of petrol. At RM2.05 per litre, it was RM114 for a full tank.

When I told the dealer, he called immediately and said will feedback to Proton as this has never happened before.

2. I like the smooth drive and handling so far. The space is really a bonus. I’m also impressed with the crash tests Exora passed. For Proton to build this car locally including the design, I’m very impressed with its progress. Partly also because I’m so patriotic and “Gunalah Barangan Buatan Malaysia”, I am willing to give it a try. Furthermore the car model is not new, went through a few generations and progress much since it was first launched.

3. I went on to get the car tinted first thing. Added car visor and arm rest too. The Premiums variants come with these luxuries.



The local accessories shop at Pandan Jaya Powertech Automart is a neighborhood shop, with decent charges, good quality products and they never try to upsell you. Yet they will suggest good add-ons for your car.

Car tint, visor, arm rest, a pair of car hook and anti-slip pad was RM800. There are actually free gifts by the dealer which include a few of these but I opted for cash rebates. I was also given a voucher for an option of RM400 discount for tinting or a free GPS. Yet I still prefer Powertech Automart. I should go collect the free GPS soon.



I only clock 56km so far. I was shocked when I hear the car engine still produce sound even after I shut the engine and locked the car. I was deaf on the left so I first thought it was another car with engine on nearby but to my surprise it was my car! After a google research, it is actually the Auto Cool function for the CFE engine and it runs the fan to cool the engine. Wow, quite cool.

5. My car comes with 3 years warranty with 4 years extension as part of Proton promotion so is 7 years in total. However, it must be serviced as scheduled at Proton service centres only and no modifications even altering of the wiring is not allowed.

6. The socket plug (cigarette lighter) wasn’t working after a day. I went to repair it – the fuse was replaced. Not Proton’s fault though. I was told not to rotate any plug once it is plugged in the socket. Well in my old Iswara, I did rotated some plugs too and the socket worked well for a long time.

Some improvements I wish to have in the Exora Executive CVT are
– a USB connecter to play mp3 songs but there is a Aux 3.5mm jack in which may be helpful. I’ve yet to try it. If I were to change a car entertainment system, which alters the wiring, warranty is void. Salesman says if the service centre I frequent is willing to help install a new audio system, they will still provide warranty.
– arm rest
– more sound insulation as the engine is quite noisy but not disturbing for now

Will write more as I test the car further. Thanks for reading.

Electronics and electrical items these days became essentials in our lives. Many years ago, having a television was already considered as a luxury of a whole village. Almost all villagers will gather at the owner’s house to watch TV at night. Today, a home may house two to five or more televisions – one in each room.


I bought a television recently – a 50 inch Sony smart TV. I actually ordered a 48 inch TV and only a few minutes after that my friend announced on our Whatsapp friends group that she has a TV to let go at a much cheaper price than what I ordered. So I took the offer. I was at a family gathering and rushing to get home so my cousin asked me, “What’s the rush?”

“The dispatch is here to send the TV,” I said.

“Wah buying new TV la… where’s the old TV? Pass to me then,” he said.

“I got no TV at home… that’s why I am buying one!” I said, surprising almost everyone. My Dad has a small TV which he watches in his room so I will join him in his room during news hours. At our living room, the old heavy TV box was beyond repair. I never got a TV until recently. To many people, TV is an essential and it will make jaws drop if you are without one.

DVD Players and other electronics

What is a TV without DVD, VCD, Blu Ray players? Speakers and amplifiers could be an add-on to the list. Perhaps a pay TV box like ASTRO. Unifi or any Wifi routers add on to the list of essentials. How can you live without Internet these days?

I am satisfied with a TV and DVD players. Speakers do not make any difference for me – I can’t differentiate sound that comes out from the TV and from expensive speakers.



I remembered my uncle was the first in the family to own a mobile phone – a big whole box where you carry around. The picture above explains. It was heavy and only meant for men, girls couldn’t carry such heavy box to go around. Then the same uncle owns the newer version of mobile phone – we called it the “water tumbler” because the antenna prodded out like a straw for a water bottle.

Today, many of my family members have 2 to 3 phones and sometimes cannot do without both handphones with them.

Water Heater

When water heater was first introduced in Malaysia, many people thought it was going to be a failed business. Malaysia is humid and we see the sun everyday of our lives in the country. Now it became an essential item at home. I have no water heater at home until now. I recall that I boiled water to add on to our pail during rainy days but the last I did that was 2 years ago, most days I prefer cold baths. My mother’s house (my parents divorced so they stay separately) has water heaters at all bathrooms and can’t do without. As far as I can remember, none of my family members do not have a water heater at home, all except me.

When my family members from our hometown visits us, no one chooses to stay at my home.

“Hah? No water heater? How to shower?” was the normal reaction.

Air Conditioners

I am particularly afraid of cold. I can stand heat and love sauna sessions. I think partly due to the long hours under the sun when I was in school training foot drills for competitions. My aunt said that my uncle once said he couldn’t stand the cold temperature but after installing the air conditioners for some time, he now couldn’t sleep without turning on the air conds. He has 4 air conditioners at home.

My Dad disliked the air conds too but after two years not staying with him, as I shifted back to stay with him, I saw a new addition in his room – the air cond!! I was once proud of my frugality and always tell people I do not have an air cond, no water heater and even TV at home. I also installed another air cond at the living room recently, for the comfort of our guests who come occasionally. I still do not have an air cond in my bed room, still prefer to sleep without air cond.

Vacuum Cleaners

When I wanted to buy a vacuum cleaner, my Dad would scold asking why I was so lazy to even sweep the floor. I explained that both of us have sensitive nose and a vacuum cleaner could do better than a broom. He opposed.

Two years I was away, and when I shifted back to stay with him, guess what. A new addition in the store room – the vacuum cleaner. I am not sure of other homes but this item seems to be an essential for any home now.


I have a Japanese table – with no chairs, obviously. I sit on cushions or on the carpet. I have a bench at home which was something left to bring home from my office. I bought a bean bag recently for its mobility. So, at my living room – I have the mentioned Japanese table, bench, bean bag and to add on – an altar table, TV cabinet with TV and the players, a bar table with 2 bar chairs and a display cabinet.

People coming to my house would spot a missing “essential”! “Why no sofa? How to sit?”

I sit on the floor and have many many cushions for my guests too. However, many cannot do the most essential thing – sitting on the floor –¬†anymore! Almost everyone who came to my house could complain of the discomfort having to sit on the floor. Rising from the sitting position remained difficult to many people. Our furniture has created new ways to sit and we almost forget completely that the most basic seat was only the floor. Sofa was a luxury but not anymore.

Clothes and shoes

When I was growing up, I wore pre-owned clothes. My aunts would pass down all the baby and children clothes from one home to another. Even the eldest in my generation had to wear clothes passed down from another family. Having a baby in the family means scouting around for clothes among family members to see who has kept old baby clothes. Buying new clothes was a “luxury” that we children looked forward during Chinese New Year. Today, we buy new clothes for all new born babies and at times too much clothes till the children have no chance to wear because they grew up so quickly.

I remember complaining about wearing old clothes until when I grew older knowing that there are people in the world without proper clothing. My aunt taught us to be frugal and how she would buy clothes only when there is a sale. Buying RM10 for 3 pieces of T-shirts was a norm in my house. After all, you only need to cover your body. As children, we were dirtying our clothes while playing all the time anyway!

School shoes will last from the beginning of the year till year end. Sometimes if the shoes are better, we wore it to the second year. That was considered a luxury. At that time, we try buying the cheapest but most comfortable shoes. A pair of shoes normally cost us RM29.90 at Bata. My first shock was looking at Nike shoes priced at over RM100 and always wonder how people will buy such expensive shoes.

Today’s children own a whole cabinet of shoes. Buying sports shoes worth RM300 and above seems to be a norm. I too have 3 pairs of shoes ranging from RM100-RM300 for different usage.

I still keep a frugal habit. I have clothes I wear for more than 10 years. Many people cannot believe this. I met Anas the other day, wearing Zubedy t-shirt. His first speech was, “Wah wearing Zubedy t-shirt. So old la the t-shirt.”

I clear my wardrobe every year, giving out those old clothes to charity, keeping only those needed shirts. Yet, those clothes still stuffed my little wardrobe which I always have gratitude to have so much to wear. The charity home or those organisation collecting recycled items would stop collecting clothes. They showed me the reason. I went to their warehouse, they opened up a store room – high ceiling say about the height of a one-and-half storey home, huge room about 600 square feet. The clothes they collected would stuff that room to ceiling high, one big pile right in the room. They have nowhere to give out the clothes.

I still have new clothes – t-shirts given during functions and events, new and still kept in the plastic bags. If I were to throw away a t-shirt, it will mean it is really weary and old or torn. Thus far, no one complains that I wear the same shirts every time they see me. My friends who see me often will immediately know I have a new shirt because they see me wearing the same all the time.

Now I only buy new clothes for work – as a professional emcee, we need to work and wear professionally too and I only do this once a year.


Food is definitely an essential. During hard times we survive on leftovers and appreciate so much that we have just ENOUGH to eat. Today, as I clear the refrigerator monthly, I tend to throw out a few expired items. As I clean the kitchen near Chinese New Year, sometimes I scold myself for buying too much and needed to throw away a bottle or two of sauces, expired canned food or food kept too long.

My Dad would prefer a small fridge, my mom would prefer a big one. My cousin has 2 refrigerators at home. At any point of time if you need food, open the fridge and you may find a whole month supply of food in it. I make it a habit to clear the fridge frequently to avoid food wastage. That was why I sometimes posted on Facebook photos of food I made using whatever I could find from the cold box.

How life has changed…. Let us give thanks and be grateful for whatever we all have now, all these were considered luxuries in the past. We are really living in luxury.

I’ve always think I’ve done almost anything I need to do and even at one point of time thought I can now go deep in the jungle and meditate, be a nun or something to spend the rest of time life.

Thus far I hope things I’ve done never offend people, do not create negativities and hopefully have inspired a person or two, perhaps touched some lives.

I always think ‘What if I die the next moment?’ Have I done all that I could to prepare for death?

I have no regrets, no grievances, just perhaps some words left unsaid (which sometimes better off this way), hmmmm all these made me dare to die – putting myself on the operation table to part with 60% of liver, facing death at Kayak for Humanity expedition.

But I want to tell people my dream funeral. When I die I can’t tell people about this so I better blog this so you guys know what I want. Yesterday I had dinner with a group of fun, happy people and when I mentioned my dream funeral, everyone seems to echoed and suggested something which just click on my dream funeral! Happy people think alike!

1. First rule, NO tears allowed

2. Karaoke is a must and I want everyone to sing!

3. Bring on the mahjong tables

4. Play bingo games, card games, board games, Wii games, Playstation games all you want!

5. Only happy news allowed, no one can come and complain or utter any grievances.

6. CKGord suggested face painting for my face and grafitti of my casket. Please use orange as the theme, my favourite colour.

7. Attire: up to you, colour: preferably orange!

8. If I’m married and I die before my husband, my husband must already start looking for another partner for the rest of his life.

9. All useable organs and tissues must be donated.

If you do all these, I will live forever.

I’d like my funeral done in the Theravadin Buddhist way – monks to come for chanting and no burning of papers, joss sticks whatsoever.

I was born with left side hearing loss. At my time, no tests at birth to confirm if the hearing loss is by birth or due to other reasons.

Some of my friends recalled our primary school teacher who just like to slap us as punishment and asked if I was deafen by the slaps. I guess not.

Some asked, what’s the difference between having both hearing and one side of hearing? I couldn’t tell the difference! But later in school we learnt that both ears are to collect information and determine where sound comes from. True enough, if you call me from the left, I’d still look at the right side because that’s the working ear and sound I heard only from the left. Funny people will always say ‘here! Here!’ to indicate their locations and I’d still look around on my right. Those who know about my problem will say, ‘on left left! Look a bit more to the left’ or ‘behind you!’

At dinners, I’d only sit to a person’s left side so I could hear him or her on my right ear. So on my left will be guests or new friends who do not know about my hearing loss. People tend to talk and I can’t hear and some thought I’m arrogant for not replying. Or I may participate in the conversation but I’ll need to turn so much to the left that my neck sores after a while. Good for neck exercise though!

When driving, a honk will make me turn around, look at mirrors to see if I’m the one being honked at.

It wasn’t until more people whispering to me on the left that I finally gave up and seek need of a hearing aid. As a professional emcee, very often people run to me to whisper things to announce but they find themselves repeating again when I turn my good ear to them.

A hearing aid these days is not just an amplifier to amplify sounds. Hearing aids have digital noise reduction, multiple channels input, speech recognition, multiple channels selections, up to 20 channels output speaker, multi colours, multi function, multi program, even comes with music, linking to bluetooth devices, remote controls and many more different features.

Thus its price is also in the high range depending on the models. Staring at RM1,000 which normally only amplify sounds including background noise and will be difficult to listen to people talking, up to RM20,000 with bluetooth, remote control and all accessories.
Having know that, and knowing I need a good aid, I playfully posted on Twitter ‘seriously need a hearing aid, who want to sponsor me?’. To my surprise, Tan Sri Kua Sian Kooi said he will. He also repeatedly asked for my name and account number.

We have not met and many of you know how difficult it was for me to receive things from others. Growing up with ‘give first’, ‘giving is better than receiving’, ‘service before self’, I find myself rather difficult in taking, which I knew I need to correct this. A friend said by taking when people give sincerely, I’m also giving, giving them the joy of giving I’ve always enjoyed.

I don’t know someone by just @skkua as his twitter handle and profile says ‘Kurnia Insurance founder and chairman’. When I asked and a friend said ‘Tan Sri Kua?’ Only did I know he is a Tan Sri. He said he’s a close friend to Tan Sri Fong Chan Onn and in a few more days, Tan Sri Fong himself messaged me to say ‘a friend want to give you hearing aid, can you accept?’

Cornered with guilt, hey when will you have two Tan Sris asking you to receive a sincere gift? We came out for lunch one day for a chat after I surveyed on a few models which may suit me. I proposed a mid range but Tan Sri wanted me to have a good one.

Now I’m walking tall as I can hear with both ears! Left ear, though is aided, but has more functions! Nothing beats natural hearing like my right ear but my hearing aid has got 5 channels to suit any environment, even comes with Zen music at a press of a button. It costs RM9,800 and I wouldn’t have gotten my ear without Tan Sri Kua Sian Kooi.

Thank you and when I see Kurnia sign everywhere, I always point to the logo and tell people around me that my ear is sponsored by the boss of this company.

And he owns Kurnia, he kurniakan telinga to me. I gave a gift of life to someone, the gift of hearing to me almost equates that.


I first wrote on the jamban wound to reflect how kiasi (afraid to die) I am since young. I never actually realized it until my mom reminded me. That was during Chinese New Year this year. I was done with parting 60% of my liver to save a child’s life to my mom’s wondering what has made me out of mind to do it since she knew I was all the while very kiasi.

Until today, I could not explain why I did it. In fact, when my editor (I am writing a book on my journey in the recent liver donation) asked why I did it – I could not answer. The thought at that time was not the WHY I did it… it was supposed to be the other way round – WHY NOT? It is a life that is concerned and WHY NOT? Yes, I may die but the risks was only 1.0% – 1.5%, so WHY NOT? Organ donation is a cause close to my heart and being still alive, I have a chance to perform yet another service to mankind, so WHY NOT?

I recently held on to the book “The Meaning of The Holy Quran” by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, since my friend launched the Let’s Read the Quran II campaign. And many also asked of my recent behaviour with escalated interests to Islam of which I also answered the same, WHY NOT?

I am very much impressed with the Quran emphasis on practising regular charity. In Surah Al-Baqarah alone, in several parts of the Surah, it mentions and repeatedly mentions:

And be steadfast in prayer; practise regular charity; and bow down your heads with those who bow down (in worship). (2 – 043)

…. Worship none but Allah; treat with kindness your parents and kindred, and orphans and those in need; speak fair to the people; be steadfast in prayer; and practise regular charity….. (2 – 083)

And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good ye send forth for your souls before you, ye shall find it with Allah: for Allah sees Well all that ye do. (2 – 110)

It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces Towards east or West; but it is righteousness- to believe in Allah and the Last Day, and the Angels, and the Book, and the Messengers; to spend of your substance, out of love for Him, for your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ransom of slaves; to be steadfast in prayer, and practice regular charity; to fulfil the contracts which ye have made; and to be firm and patient, in pain (or suffering) and adversity, and throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the Allah-fearing. (2 – 177)

They ask thee what they should spend (In charity). Say: Whatever ye spend that is good, is for parents and kindred and orphans and those in want and for wayfarers. And whatever ye do that is good, -Allah knoweth it well. (2 – 215)

And whatever ye spend in charity or devotion, be sure Allah knows it all. But the wrong-doers have no helpers. (2 – 270)

If ye disclose (acts of) charity, even so it is well, but if ye conceal them, and make them reach those (really) in need, that is best for you: It will remove from you some of your (stains of) evil. And Allah is well acquainted with what ye do. (2 – 271)

Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. (2 – 274)

Allah will deprive usury of all blessing, but will give increase for deeds of charity: For He loveth not creatures ungrateful and wicked. (2 – 276)

Those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and establish regular prayers and regular charity, will have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. (2 – 277)

If the debtor is in a difficulty, grant him time Till it is easy for him to repay. But if ye remit it by way of charity, that is best for you if ye only knew. (2 – 280)

I wrote about the joy of giving and how indescribable it is. When someone asked me how does it feel like after saving a life, I merely answer, “Why not trying it yourself?”

It has been a long long time not seeing any rainbow! Or maybe it was because I focused too much on the book that I am writing that I see rainbow now. The book was supposed to be named “Inspiring Soul of a Rainbow” as my name Hoong means rainbow and Ling sounds like soul in Mandarin. A friend suggested that title.

This week is very colourful, so I start this blog with a photo of a rainbow I saw while having slow jog at the lake nearby my house about 10 days ago. Yes yes yes, I can jog now but slowly and also training for the coming KL International Marathon. I am taking the 5km fun run. Too bad, all other colleagues taking 10km walk and I will be left alone. Need a bodyguard to take care of my “Mercedes”.

Speaking about organ donor being depressed due to pain – although I felt it last month – I do not want it to stop me from doing things I want. I think depression is only a state of mind.

Flip opened this month’s (June 2009) Money Compass magazine which I bought just now. My news was at the section where they interview celebrities on views regarding wealth. Ahem, celebrity… and wealth.

I can’t read Chinese so much so I wouldn’t be able to translate until someone can help me with it in office next week.

My companion is back! The Nikon D50 was left with the St. John Ambulance to assist in photo taking for our upcoming centenary book. I was a part of the project before the liver donation operation and after operation, seems like things are in good hands. Not sure if I am still part of the project as almost everything is now “done”. Eagerly, awaiting the launch of the book!

Adding another collection to my wardrobe, a new Punjabi suit.

These two days, I am attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive – second time attending. I blogged about it here last year. I found that my money blueprint has now changed as compared to last year. This year I find myself wanting total success – not only in wealth, but also in health and relationships – both family and friends.

Life is like a rainbow and it should be colourful! Life is meant to be abundant in every areas of life mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Live life to the fullest and find your own rainbow!

My life is just somewhere over the rainbow….