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My grandmother was from Sungai Petani and my mom (plus a few aunts) were born here. Two aunts are still here so we do visit once in a while. Today we are at this lorong (a back lane), beautifully decorated with street arts.

To read more about Guan Gong, please click here.

Guan Gong is highly revered and respected by the Chinese community. His birthday falls on the 24th of the 6th month of Lunar Calendar yearly.


Lions from the lion dance paying respect to Guan Gong at the temple


Lion dancers entering the temple


Lion dance at the celebration with fire crackers


The altar table is full of offferings to Guan Gong


Sg Way folks and temple devotees at the birthday dinner


More devotees


The menu. Wing Hing Leong is a very good caterer who will meet your budget and they even provide canopy, tables and chairs for the function only at the price of the food


Many devotees praying and offering joss sticks for Guan Gong


Hoong Ling at the celebration


Right opposite the temple at the first floor of the premise is the performance stage!


Uncle Cheah who helps out at the temple. He has great memory and can write my name correctly as I handed some donations for the temple. Always happy, easy to talk to

I grew up with her music. Oh well, I only listened to The Chant of Metta and fell in love with it. The Chant of Metta lingers in my mind all the time and almost everyone who owns the CD could memorise the chant easily.

After 18 years of composing good music for Buddhism, Imee starts a world tour concert premiere in Kuala Lumpur’s prestigious Istana Budaya.


Aptly naming her concert “Sound of Wisdom”, I got excited when I knew that she even helped Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA) raise funds by contributing proceeds to the association.


Imee Ooi concert program book and ticket

As I participated in the Nuns Novitiate Program at SJBA and always felt indebted to the kind members who took care of us so well, I thought why not give back. Many SJBA friends were also at the concert.


Peter Chew (centre) from SJBA, his wife and I


Lee Swee Keong, one of the choreographers (right) with Hoong Ling


Hoong Ling with Imee Ooi

The crowd was good although it wasn’t a full house. Brisk sales was seen at the counter where people snapped up program book, music CD, special edition EP, concert bag and T-shirts.


The queue was long - for Imee and performers to sign the program book and CDs


Brisk sales at the counter


I got myself a set of program book, bag, CD and T-shirt too


Hoong Ling at Imee Ooi's concert


All lower denomination concert tickets were sold out and only RM350 tickets still available. For those who missed the concert can also have a “Meet and Share” session with Imee on Tuesday 4th August 2015, 10am-1pm at Nexus Auditorium.

It has been a long time since posting. And many also asked me when is the next organ donation video release. Had to stop all those for a while. My family and I have been in the kitchen for some time. We cooked, prepared food and tested many recipes.

My mother plans to open a cafe at Ipoh, utilising the shop she bought a few years ago which was fully completed and can be used now. The rental yield will not be high as the premise is located at a more deserted area in Ipoh, facing a Malay school but surrounded by housing areas.

How many Chinese family will have Gulai Tempoyak on the dining table for Chinese New Year reunion dinner? We have it every year except for the past 3 years. My family enjoys gulai tempoyak very much and we could take the gravy as if we’re drinking soup. If you only have that dish and nothing else, we can eat that with rice for 3 days 3 nights, for all 3 meals!

Everytime we cook for Chinese New Year, we will cook a whole bigggggggg pot and then keep having it for 3 days. The rest of it will be kept in containers in freezer. Relatives from Australia and US will bring back the frozen gulai tempoyak. They will just melt it, boil it, add prawns to it and enjoy!

What the heck is gulai tempoyak? Tempoyak is fermented durians. We will take the flesh of durians and mix it with a little sugar and some salt, leave it overnight to allow it to ferment. Then the whole bottle can be kept in the refridgerator for… hmm… a year! Don’t think “yucks!”, think yogurt! Durian yogurt, anyone?

For the past 3 years (3 seems to be the lucky number in this post, hmmm), however, that dish vanishes from our reunion dinner table. Somehow, it was said to be tedious to prepare and difficult to get nice tempoyak.

Imagine torturing the taste buds for whole 3 years. It then prompted me to learn cooking it. FIRST I am super lucky to have my aunt kept a whole recipe book – recipes from my Amah (my uncle’s mother whom I grew up along with) and the treasure was kept. I copied the recipe and tried about a year ago and SUCCEEDED! Since then, I have cooked 3 times. (3 seems to be just the number!)

Last week, my cousin, Colin, came. Amah was his grandmother. I grew up with 2 cousins – Colin and Kok Wai. Kok Wai stays about 5km away from my house now so we are closer to each other. Colin will stay at Wai’s house so since the childhood siblings are having a get-together, I decided to dirty my hands in the kitchen again.

2 Timun (Cucumber)

About 17 dried chillies, 3 fresh red chilli, 3 serai

half a rice bowl of shallots

Prawns – udang sebanyak-banyaknyerrr – my favourite. Have to cut down though as the cholesterol level increased.

Everything prepared….. wait for me after work ya…

The results – gulai tempoyak udang! This time too watery – sigh… next month will cook again. Practise makes perfect!

During recovery, I was so boring that mushrooms almost grow around me. My mom at that time was having online game craze. She was playing CQ (Chun Qiu) Online and got most of my family members to join in the fun. The game was in Chinese so I couldn’t play.

3 Vaios, a desktop and my XeerSoft Acer – all playing CQ Online except mine.

I got something cute to play, too and it is in English, LUNA Online. The craze also started in me and since then I think I have spent about RM1,200 to play the game. I like the game very much although it lags a lot and also getting boring of leveling after some time.

A lot of new friends made and the fun kept me busy during the last 2 weeks of the recovery period. Runup, Malaysia distributor for Luna Online, have contests and events although not too often.

I just join one of the contests and suddenly today, I got mail in office! In the package was Luna characters stickers, 2 discount vouchers for Luna meals at Gasoline Cafe, a Luna Online fan, a Luna Online CD, MS Online CD as well as a few promotional brochures from Luna and Gasoline.

I sticked all those stickers on my company notice board…

Our family has gone crazy. We went back to Teluk Intan, just like Chinese New Year gathering. The purpose? For food! To be exact, seafood!

Claypot porridge with tong sat fish. Is spicy…

Eat eat eat….

Mantis prawns, vegetables, crabs… sambal petai…. sate… more coming therefore we reserve space for the dishes…

Makan.. makan.. makan…

Food food food… and not enough… we managed to fill the whole table with food and then reorder again second round… the prize winning for most number of reorder – mantis prawns!

Shashimi in Ipoh

How come I have never seen such big cockle before?

While people are all contemplating on the economy slowdown, trying to save and spend less… Our family has food and even greater meals everyday.

Steamboat with family at home in Ipoh

The many many essences that I received – Fish Essence finished because they said it helps heal the wounds faster… from left – Lo Hong Ka Cordyceps Essence, Lo Hong Ka Ginseng Essence, Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken and Brand’s Essence of Chicken

I bought 4 boxes of these for my mom and then took one box for myself! Hahah… The 4 boxes is in exchange of something on my neck now….

My Crocs…. casual slippers

Haha…. Another pair of Crocs… nice? See the flowers – Orange and Blue – XeerSoft logo colour!

OK – fancy having a little diamond necklace in exchange of 4 boxes of Essence of Chicken? My mom bought this for me and I bought the Eu Yan Sang for my mom…. ngek ngek ngek OOopps… the Crocs are paid by my mom too! My friend called when I was in the middle of the shopping spree and when I told him I am buying a diamond necklace, he thought I sold my liver to afford buying this. But is my mom who bought this!

Two pairs of Crocs come with this pair of cups in event of Valentine’s Day

The cups change colour and words when warm water is poured into the cups! Nice things! Hmmm but I have no partner to share the cup with…. hmmm
Thank you thank you thank you for having gifts for me today.

Wooo hoo….. It was a fine day when Dato’ Sri Ong Tee Keat asked if his staffs wanted to watch the great musical hit, Mama Mia! I straight away said YES! That was what I have been waiting for so long and here it comes a free treat.

Today I went to the show at 8.30pm. I was getting excited because the last minute confirmation only came at about 4.30pm when I was on the way back to KL from Johor Bahru. I put on my best dress and then headed to Istana Budaya, reached there at about 8.00pm.

My colleague from Dato’ Sri’s office said he got 3 tickets – one VVIP tic and 2 VIP tics, further saying he will take the 2 VIP tics as he brought his wife along. All these years, watching musical shows and theatre, I have never got the VVIP seat before. Well, for the price of that VVIP seat, I’d buy something else although no doubt, it was all the worth! This time I have the whole seat for myself, right at the middle of the hall at the second level, right at the front row!

Guess what, Tun Dr. Mahathir came with his wife and it must be 2 grandchildren with them. They took the centre seat at the Level One.

The show was really enjoyable and the songs made me remember the time when I was young. It wasn’t my time when ABBA was popular but my cousins love the songs so I got to listened to ABBA songs, too. I still remember an album, ABBA Gold, in my house. It was missing one day and my cousin got so furious so I knew it was special.

I had the experience of having a meditation retreat in Cempaka Buddhist Lodge last month. Bhante Kovida was teaching us meditation and it last for 8 days. It wasn’t really fun – as meditation is never fun. In fact some complained that meditation is suffering – having to sit long hours, straight back and folded legs for long time – is tiring and exhausting.

However, as it goes the way it is, meditation was never meant for physical health anyway. It is meant to “exercise” the mind. While physical exercise will need “something” to be done, meditation is to exercise the mind by giving it some rest, think of nothing and letting go of everything.

Full 8 days, I was in Cempaka Buddhist Lodge in Petaling Jaya. Having the meditation retreat made me feel “upgraded”. When we upgrade a computer, it normally means an increase in memory or storage. Upgrading myself means gaining insight spiritually and renewed self from the inside out. Not too much of the upgrades outside – like better dressed and increase in outer beauty. What’s more important is the inner wisdom and spiritual health.

The 8-day experience exceed what I gain from 27 years of life. I would say it gives me increase patience, better visibility, improved alertness and better memory.