I cooked my own lunch today, indeed a fulfilling one. Simple fried fish with rice but the sambal belacan made the difference. Smashed the fish with sambal belacan and it is good to go with plain white rice. Wanted so much to add on some tempoyak but…. takpe, tahan sikit. In the kitchen now I still have a pot of soup boiling and porridge for dinner. I love cooking and in fact these days couldn’t find the time to test new recipes. Cooking can help to destress because I feel good to eat my own “creation”, though not that great but a true satisfaction. These days young adults often eat out and the tradition of having our grandma waiting for us at home for dinner, has long gone in some households. Cooking can very healthy too if we find the right blend of foods and definitely more nutritious that outside food. With many modern cookers and all sorts of electrical appliances, perhaps Malaysians could think of getting back to the kitchen for convenient, healthy, satisfying meals for the family.

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