The Secret was a hit when it was rolled out. The movie was rolled out somewhere in 2006 and was sold 19 million copies in more than 40 languages by the spring of 2007. Next in the production are The Power and The Magic.

About 5 or 6 years ago, I was invited by a friend to watch the movie together at a cosy upstairs of a restaurant. I went for the food because the movie was never heard of at that time. As I sat there watching The Secret, I recalled the many things that happened in my life which confirmed the Law of Attraction.

Those who have watched The Secret knows that it teaches that everything is possible, nothing is impossible and all through the power of thoughts and mind. It says if you affirm it to yourself the things you so believe in, and start ACTIONS for the things that you want, you will get it. Duration of time for getting it? It really depends on your thoughts. If you think you could get it tomorrow, next month, or next year… it is all up to you. It says that it is not our duty to know how to get it, it is the universe who will show you the way, step-by-step.

How many of you believe in this kind of thoughts, which some called it “mysterious”? Let me share my experience.

If you really know and believe AND use The Secret, it will work wonders. I am not asking you to trust me. I just want to share my experience.

When I was young, very young, I always admired Prof. Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim and Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye. I always watched them on TV and see them in the newspapers for the good things they have done. My uncle told me that Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim was a family friend and in my mind, I thought, “hey these famous people are not too far from reach, eh?” I told myself, one day I want to be as successful as these two idols, I would like to meet them and I want to do what they were doing.

The thoughts at that time were very intense, I really wanted to see them and I really wanted to follow their paths. Nothing negative even the slightest one, came about. Nothing like, “Don’t dream la…”, “Aiya… where to find them?” “Aiya… when you grow up, not sure if they are still doing their works…” Nothing of that sort. You know as a child, so naive and so pure in our thoughts. I think this is the prerequisite number 1 – believe it will work and no negative thoughts must enter your mind!

I just WANTED to see them…. More than that, I want to be LIKE them. Everytime I see them in the papers, with their photos and their names right under their photos, I always imagined my face replacing theirs and somehow, I could even “see” the letters rearranged themselves to form “CHEW HOONG LING” right under my photo (which I imagined it to be there!). When they appeared on TV, I wanted my language to be like them (so fluent in Malay), how they sit and present themselves and again…. I always imagined that I was the one sitting there, with the same posture and then their names appeared on TV, I always had the letters rearranged to form “CHEW HOONG LING”. You could laugh at these experience, eh? That was perhaps 25 years ago! Young and naive mind…

Fast forward 20 years… there I was sitting on a bean bag, watching this very movie, telling me it works. And it really did, didn’t it?

I was in the papers as early as Form 3 – best achievers in PMR got to be in the papers. I did an organ and blood donation campaign which also caught a friend, Soon Yean, who was a student reporter, to write about it. That was in Form 6. In college, I was in Persatuan Pemuda Negara Malaysia and we protested the 911 at that time and I was in the papers! And then I was actively participating forums and seminars. While still in college, I was asked to be a panel speaker on Bicara Siswa talk show, live on RTM1! If I am of no mistakes, I was the only lady being called to panel twice.

At age of perhaps 23 years old at that time, I was already in the papers and on TV. I told myself, “Thank God, I have achieved what I wanted” Remember the Law of Attraction rewards those who know how to be thankful for the small little things we got? The moment I was flipping the newspapers about myself and reflecting how I came to this journey and being thankful for appearing on TV, while still in college, twice… suddenly my phone rang. The TV Producer for Selamat Pagi Malaysia invited me to be a TV Presenter! And there I went on to anchor the Saturday’s Selamat Pagi Malaysia for 2 years. All these while still in college. You can’t imagine that excitement as a student to be a TV Presenter.

Really, did all I imagined happen?

The studio, the posture, my face on TV, my name appearing… happened every Saturday for 2 freaking years! I wanted to be LIKE them – their fluent Malay (hey, I was hosting Selamat Pagi Malaysia Malay language talk show!), the things that they do…. I wanted to meet them – I met both of my idols right there at RTM when I was interviewing them! I had the chance to tea and even sought Prof Tan Sri Khoo’s assistance while writing the history of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia. I am now working very closely with Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye in the Public Awareness Action Committee for Organ and Tissue Donation.

Ain’t this experience amazing?

So many criticisms were threw on Rhonda Bryne (producer of The Secret), citing her attempts to sell the idea that people do not need to work for the things that they want. I oppose to those who criticised her because of a few reasons. First, the movie emphasized that the universe likes SPEED and when the intuitive nudge is there, the right situation happen, ACT! It must be coupled with ACTIONS.

Second, my experience tells me that there is no planning whatsoever for me to reach this dream of mine. But if I were to say, food drops right from the sky, right in front of me everyday at 10.00am without working for it and without action, do you think it will happen? Look, I have merely imagined myself into this dream of being in the papers and TV. All of which took no conscious actions from my side or to call and lobby for a post in the TV station. It was true when the movies says, “It is not your duty to know how… and Jack Canfield put it “It is like driving along the dark highway but your car lamp could only see 200metres in front of you and you could drive all the way to your destination. You don’t know how… it will be shown to you..”

But do you think it really needs no actions? Reflecting back, I was amazed myself how I carried myself in school till the days when all these dreams came true. I was trying to achieve the outstanding and I was an outstandingly naughty student in school! The discipline teachers took notice of me and are watching me! I started collecting name cards when in school, had my own name card while still in college… I network with people naturally, learn as much as I could and the events in my life took me to the dreams I so wanted. Not a moment says like, “Aih.. when am I going to appear on TV?” “Aih… am I doing what’s right and will I really appear on TV?” Nothing of that sorts. I NEVER knew it will come true. I only imagined again and again, reaffirmed it in my thoughts everytime I see both my idols in the papers and TV. That’s all! I never worked for it, I never lobbied for it. It was a seed planted in my subconscious mind that eventually led me to my dreams.

In my next blogs, I will share more of my experience which truly happened with The Secret. And these days it happens even faster because I know how to use it.

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  1. Christine says:

    I agree with you Hoong Ling. The Secret is an awesome movie. However it does not really teach you how to imagine the life that you want. We would always want something and WANTING attracts more WANTING only. The thing that we usually miss out is the emotion – to feel that we have already achieved our goals instead of just wanting to achieve our goals.

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