I was driving one fine day and then the air from air-conditioning just stopped blowing. Sent the car to the service centre at Bercham industrial area (Ipoh) straight away and was told that the switch malfunction. The air-conditioning works only at Speed 4 but no response to Speed 1 to 3. However, I was told that they have no spare parts and the waiting period could be between a week to three weeks. 

I sent the car to Jalan Kuala Kangsar, a bigger service centre and got the switch changed immediately. While waiting for my turn took a while, the change and services were quick, friendly and very personalised. I particularly like the Service Manager there as I spoke to him on the phone earlier. It was his friendliness and eagerness to assist that drew me to that service centre, otherwise I’d not be there. 

As my car is still under warranty period, the change of switch was free. 

We also took a glance at the new Proton Ertiga. Somewhat shorter and smaller in size compared to Exora, less space and powered by a 1.4 EEV engine. We viewed the interior and exterior. We asked for the price and to our surprise, it is only cheaper than Exora by less than RM10,000. For RM60k+, I will still choose Exora for the bonus of space. 

Yes! I love the Exora for its comfort and space. My car was of great service to ferry 8 adults and 2 children around Klang Valley and to and from Melaka just last month. My grandma didn’t find it difficult to climb in and out the car, too.
The Exora is powered by a 1.6 Turbo engine and I felt that is quite sufficient but of course would love to have a 2.0 Turbo if available. For the Ertiga, at 1.4, I am unsure if it is under-powered for that matter. 

If Ertiga is priced at RM50k – RM55k range, perhaps is a good choice, considering some families opting for a cheaper 7-seater. At a price similar to Exora, Ertiga may need more convincing power to boost its sales. 

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