Our family has gone crazy. We went back to Teluk Intan, just like Chinese New Year gathering. The purpose? For food! To be exact, seafood!

Claypot porridge with tong sat fish. Is spicy…

Eat eat eat….

Mantis prawns, vegetables, crabs… sambal petai…. sate… more coming therefore we reserve space for the dishes…

Makan.. makan.. makan…

Food food food… and not enough… we managed to fill the whole table with food and then reorder again second round… the prize winning for most number of reorder – mantis prawns!

Shashimi in Ipoh

How come I have never seen such big cockle before?

While people are all contemplating on the economy slowdown, trying to save and spend less… Our family has food and even greater meals everyday.

Steamboat with family at home in Ipoh

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So nice..i also want to eat sia~ hehe >< From:littlemonk

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