We all know that human in the modern world lives longer. About a century ago, women dying after giving birth was so common that if both mother and child survives, people can’t thank God enough.

Average age those days was merely 50 or 60. As medical science advanced, we prolonged the average lifespan to 60 and eventually 70. It is very common to hear of people living up to the age of 80 and 90.

Recently, the clock turns its time. As I met one of the directors of a funeral parlour, he said these days those “sent in” to his place were those with age between 30 to 50. His first conversation with young people was always about eating healthily, vegetarianism and exercise.

Whatever medical advancement has achieved, modern food destroyed. But, let’s face it. It is not the food, it is us human who destroyed our lives faster than we could live.

The same director sent me this photo a few days ago.


How true. Medical advancement has improved so rapidly that scientists and researchers find cures so fast for new and unknown disease in the past. Yet our daily lifestyle, stress and diet destroyed our body so swiftly than we can imagine.

Ask yourself these questions and simply observe your own lifestyle:
1. How many dishes of fruits and vegetables do you see on your dining table during meal time?
**We are supposed to eat more fruits and vegetables. Remember the food pyramid below?


I supposed we have overturned the pyramid. We take more meat and fats instead of grains, nuts, fruits and vege. The rest of the needed nutrients we may leave it to the expensive supplements we buy, hoping it could balance our nutrient intake.

2. When was the last time you exercise, jog, have a long walk or sweat out in a gym?

3. How many glasses of water do you drink daily?

4. How much time did you spend for yourself – a total exclusive time for yourself to think, meditate, plan, be grateful and improve yourself?

5. How much time have you spent on improving relationship with family and friends?

Lifestyle and habits can change – it only begins with us! Live a great life!

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