The long awaited news is here.

For someone like me, rumoured to be a cabdidate, who potentially will be contesting, I was caught by surprise. I did not think the Parliament would be dissolved when people tell me about it a day earlier.

The second question poured in, “So are you contesting?” My answer has been the same, I have no letter on candidacy yet. These days I add on, “if I am at the nomination and successfully walks out alive, then I am the candidate…”

I have no “pantang” about death, so when people say BN may die in this General Election, I say I’d shave! Well the story was during a kayak expedition when we faced a very difficult situation in the sea, I said “if I come out alive, I’d shave my head!! ” And I fulfilled that vow.

I had a number 4 hair for some time.

Having faced death 3 times in life made me braver, more courageous and definitely up to the challenge.

I admit I am new in the game of politics and have been learning so much from party veterans and friends from Pakatan too.

A friend Jadryn tagged me in her post today and I read her frank opinions in most of her blogs. I too hope BN is transforming, not only for political survival but for the country walking into matured state of sosiopolitical growth.

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