I drove the car to Penang and back to KL last week. Was supposed to send the car for first servicing at 1,000 km but it has clocked 1,400km by the time I am available to send it to the service centre.

My dad said that we shouldn’t drive over 100km/h for at least the first 1,000km so to protect the car engine and it will ensure the engine works longer. Not sure if it is true but driving 90km/h to 100km/h on the highway to Penang was quite a distance and can be boring.

On the way back to KL, half way through the journey, we reached 1,000km and boy, my mom stepped on the accelerator and sped away to reach KL faster.

Nearest to home is the Proton service centre at Pandan Jaya. Sent the car there at about 9.30am. The receptionist explained the first service and what will be covered. Owners get the first 3 servicing with free labour cost but must be utilised within a year. Next service will be at 5,000km mileage.

I told the mechanics of a list of things I found
1. Petrol smell in the car right after refueling
2. Smell of burnt rubber twice during our KL-Penang-KL journey
3. Squeaking sound under the driver accelerator part when going over bumps
4. Right side mirror does not adjust to the right angle enough. (This can’t be adjusted, the mechanic said)


The cost was RM152 and I got a free car wash too.

I find myself filling in feedback forms before collecting my car from the dealer and before I leave the service centre. This makes me feel that Proton is serious in maintaining good customer service throughout.

After servicing, I drove the car to Teluk Intan on Friday and back to KL on Saturday. The squeaking sound is no more to be heard and no smell of burnt rubber too. There is still some smell after refuelling the car though. Not sure how to rectify this.

2 Responses to Proton Exora: First Service

  1. Cathy Wong says:

    Wish to know after 2 years driving Exora – hows the car maintenance like?
    Thanks in advance

    • hoongling says:

      Hi Cathy,

      I am still very much delighted with the car. Only once the air-conditioning gave way and stopped functioning but sending to a service centre, waited for only half an hour to get the switch changed without any charges (since it is under warranty). The Exora is my personal wardrobe, moving office and so much more. Love it to the max

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