Yesterday I sent the car to the Proton service centre at 5,300+km mileage. No complaints so far.

Very satisfied with the car. Definitely worth the price. Friends and I were on a road trip to Penang. We had 5 adults and 2 children from KL to Penang. Only one seat was collapsed to fit all our luggage bags. We had supplies for 3 days 2 nights each.

At Penang, after checking in and all luggage bags stored in the rented apartment, all seats were available again. We had 7 adults with 2 children, seated comfortably. I had the opportunity to try the seats at row 2 and row 3. While the last row may be slightly cramped but it is more spacious than other MPVs I tried.

Earlier, my car was used to ferry people and stuffs for a youth camp at Gopeng. We had 5 people in the car, along with our luggage bags enough for 5 days 4 nights and more stuffs for the camp secretariat. All seated comfortably and space was enough to carry so much!

Very powerful and not a time I felt the car need anything more although it always seems to feel better if it is a 2.0 engine!

Love the Exora!

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