In 2009, I decided to restart new year resolutions. Before that I seldom achieve what I resolve to do every year so what’s the point of having resolutions?

So I started with small resolutions which I can achieve small successes daily. Simple thing like drink a glass of water every morning as soon as I wake up (I was always dehydrated and sore throat leads to fever and flu every 3 months). Another resolution could be saving RM1 everyday. Small, simple, achieveable everyDAY! That keeps me going daily till I achieve my resolutions for the year!

I also resolved to do one big thing every year. Something new, something out of mind, something in my bucket list, something out of comfort zone. One a year should suffice. 2009 – I donated part of my liver to a stranger. 2010 – I published a book on my liver donation journey. 2011 – I kayaked 300km from Mukah to Kuching to promote organ donation. 2012 – I decided to stand for elections. 2013 – GE13, New Movement – a group of radical aggressive MCA members calling for MCA Change which Joe started and I start shooting as a sport – not one but THREE big things last year!

I kept having my “big thing” calling almost every November or December but this year, I was struggling. What’s my next BIG thing?

I spoke to a few friends. I told them what I do now – I trade/invest in stocks and still learning and polishing the skills while attending courses which I invested over RM10k. I invest in properties, I teach emceeing and I maintain a number of blogs to inspire giving, organ donation and share emceeing skills. One of my friends said, “Those are not big enough? You are semi retired and living a flexible life many people would desire at age 33. That’s BIG!”
I now realised that doing only ONE big thing a year coild expand so much in my both mind and body, and within a few years the things I am now doing became so small. Things achieveable daily became so small that I never considered them big.

Yet, I still want my big thing this year. 2014 – I will be having a 6 pack abs! Big for me!

So, what’s your next BIG thing?

PS: My small things this year?
1. Be more polite everyday, speak softer
2. Be very focused with time, more productive and waste no time
3. Don’t waste food AT ALL – buy fresh, buy just enough everytime, keep the refrigerator/ food at home just enough (not stuffed/ overstocked), order just enough (or lesser) food

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