Petrol price increase again in Malaysia, as announced yesterday. Many people rant and blame everybody except themselves. Petrol price will hit us sooner or later, with or without government subsidies and whether or not we can control the price or whether or not we are oil producing country.

There are so many ways to save petrol. And we SHOULD save petrol not because petrol price will hit us but more for environment and a better future for our next generations.


You can save petrol by maintaining your car in good condition, cleaning your car so not to carry extra weight, getting the right tyre pressure, controlling speed on the road, start up the car, cleaning the filters and even controlling the air conds could save petrol.

Here are  9 Steps to save petrol and 12 ways to save petrol

If you think of changing car, think of fuel consumption for the long run of your new car.


While we are used to driving to do almost anything, it is at times best to take a walk or even get a bike to ride to the nearest grocery store or buying the local newspapers. If you can get somewhere in your car in 5 minutes, walking and riding a bike is the better choice. Better for health too!

Avoiding traffic jams can save petrol. I have friends who get to a meeting venue earlier to avoid jam, relax and prepare as well as to catch up with friends. Good for building relationships! Get a like-minded new friend for a drink to spend the 5pm-6pm if meetings/conferences end around that time so to avoid jams. Who knows the new found friend could bring surprises. Or manage your timetable to meet people around one area instead of running up and down town.

3. YOU!

Reading these steps will NOT save you petrol. Blaming the government, sharing your frustrations on Facebook and getting angry yourself only waste YOUR fuel and your time. Start acting and start a list of things you will do next and  DO IT! Save petrol NOW! Better for the environment, better for us, for your children….


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