Dear Editor,
The national bowler charged with statutory rape, is standing a free man. The outspread of news gives us opportunity to revisit such cases. Many groups merely urged the courts to review the case thinking that it was too lenient to let go of a “rapist”. The word “rape” and being a “rapist” sends a strong signal to activist groups, rallying support to jail the “rapist” and punish the national bowler heavily.
Yet, many forgot to ask what happened to the girl, who may now waiting to sit for the SPM exams soon. How does she feel when these news on her “lover” gained such widespread publicity? Will she be called a “victim” of a rape case and be ridiculed in school? How will she face her peers in school and study peacefully? What is being done to ensure the girl’s welfare and emotions are well taken care of? I also hope that when cases like these happen, young “victims” and their family members should be given counselling, proper guidance and be allowed to carry on her life as usual.
The ultimate question – why do young couple have sex at such young age and will stricter laws ensure teen sex will not happen? There are many reasons why teens succumb to sex. Could it be curiosity and lack of sex education in school or it could be peer pressure and problems at home.
Finding the root cause of the main issue of teen sex and solving the problem from the root could be a better answer rather than asking for stricter laws and sending these “rapist” to jail. Let us ponder.
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