The news today in The Star did not come as a surprise. In fact the beggar gives back to the society very frequently.

I can’t help wondering when people collect public donation, what and how will they spend the donation.

I still remember asking for donations for organ donation campaigns and must thank Nirvana Foundation, Beaubelle Academy and the public for donation. And then at end of campaign, I wrote to the sponsors, thanking them and revealing to them our accounts.

Malaysians are kind and often do not mind to spare their small change to donate to charity but let us be responsible donors by also looking at how they would spend their money.

Political parties which receive sponsorship and donation from the public too need to be accountable and responsible to their donors by reporting to them.

Yet we have also seen very frequent collection of funds from the public but few would declare how they spend.

Let us not “beg” without telling how much we make or how we use the money. The Thai beggar revealed his income and even gave back by donating large sums to the temple. We should hold a higher dignity than a beggar, otherwise we are worse then the Thai beggar.

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