Dear Editors,

The recent rally for Bersih 3.0 and Himpunan Hijau has been unruly and went violent. I strongly feel that action should be taken on all parties including the police force and violent protesters. But let us not dwell further to see only brutality and violence in our eyes.
Let’s not forget that there were hundreds of thousands of people who marched peacefully and walked with joy to Dataran Merdeka, as well as sitting in peace around the world. To those who kept calm and came out in force for the good causes, I salute you for your courage and bravery despite many odds. Many, like me, walked in the spirit of harmony and for clean and fair elections, as well as to have the government hear the voice of the people. I am so touched with photos posted on Facebook, of people holding on to each other, helping each other at times of dehydration and heat, and in the spirit of unity, helped brothers and sisters of different ethnics to go through hard times.
Also widely circulated are cases of police brutality and incidents of policemen assaulting press men on duty. To me, this is truly unfair. Just like the policemen performing their duty on the fine Saturday, the press were also on duty for the rally. This, I put trust and believe the Inspector General of Police will handle fairly.
On the other hand, let’s not forget those who kept peace before violence happened and the force reportedly in Kuching, which was very peaceful and the police force did their job well. Elsewhere in the world, Bersih rallies were held in peace and thanks to all peacekeepers who handled situations well.
As Buddha said, let us see good as good, bad as bad. While I condemned the act of violence of a small percentage of protesters, I cheer for the larger crowd who walked in peace. While I think police force should not be brutal and started firing tear gas directly to the people, I also cheer for those who kept calm and peace in rallies around the world.

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